Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pumpkins galore. O.k., this photo was taken a month or more ago, but that's how long it takes me to blog sometimes. I actually have a couple good knitting pictures of my projects, but I can't find the time to upload them right now and since I have these pictures in my computer right now, I figure it will do. This was a fun day of pumpkin picking. We usually go to the farm and have fun looking through the field, but this time we went to Stew's. We pay over $20 for one pumpkin at the farm and ended up getting THREE for $18 at Stews. Alright, I hear you. I should support our local farmers and give them the business, but when you have to buy three for the kids and you have a choice of spending almost $90 or $20, what would you do? I would rather take the difference and head to the LYS. Sorry farmer Joe.

I am now working on a couple different knitting projects. I have a purse still on the sticks that just looms over me. Usually, I bang those out and have no problem finishing them. I love to knit bags and felt them right away. Especially since I knit the ones that have little to no finishing to them since they are knit on circular needles. No seams to sew. My biggest problem is lining. I have a great bag I felted and it is still laying on my desk waiting to have the handles (already felted) sewn on the bag and then my lining. (I have a thing about lining my bags. If I go to the trouble of knitting them, they don't seem finished without a lining.)

The new project now to be finished, are my pedicure socks. I found the pattern at the store and bought the yarn and needles to make them. Size 3 dpn and sock yarn that is so fine, I don't know what I was thinking. I have got far enough that I am wanted to see if I can turn that heel. Luckily, I have a friend who is an expert sock maker and I will be calling her soon for help, if I get stuck. (Any reason to go to the coffee shop and knit for a while, right?) Gotta love your knitting friends. They understand!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Show your school spirit........

Cute huh? These are for showing our school spirit at the football games. Warm and fashionable! I love making stuff like this.

Friday, October 03, 2008

Stinkin' chipmunk......

O.k., just to get this straight, I am a true nature lover. I am outside as much as possible and I love everything out there (even the spiders my children run from...) Well, as long as the spider leaves me alone, I leave it alone. I am a firm believer in "everything has a life" and thus stepping on a poor, unsuspecting spider just because he looks like he might want to bite me, is not what I do. Therefore, I lead you to my current "issue" with the lovely chipmunk you see here. My husband and I like to sit out on the deck with our morning coffee. The birds are so beautiful in our yard and really feel comfortable now eating a few feet away from us while we sit and watch them. Well, chippy here has decided that he wants to get in on the action and proceeded to fill his face over and over again (going back and forth to his little home, presumably getting ready for the cold months ahead. Or, possibly, he is having a few friends over for a "chippy" get together.) Whatever the case, he EMPTIED our bird feeded in about one day. Fred filled it again for me and yet again, chippy depleted all the seeds. Now, since we love our nature-filled yard so much, we would never harm our little furry friend. So, the birds are staying away from the deck and we are left to watching the grass grow. Oh well, such is life. It's still a lovely way to spend our morning and I am forever happy to have all the blessings that I do have. What makes you happy???

Monday, September 29, 2008

My pretty flower garden. Every year, I take a day to sow seeds into the ground with my children. I have done this since they were very small. I love to watch the delight in them when the seeds pop their heads out of the ground and grow. One year, our sunflowers grew to be at least ten feet tall and the flower heads were gigantic. My children and I marvel at the "little miracles" that God gives us. This year we did a long row of Zinnia with Sunflowers mixed in as well. I cut them all summer long for bouquets in our home and they also are beautiful to look at along the house when we sit outside with our morning coffee. With the coming Winter (which I say with disgust), my flowers are slowly leaving me. I took some pictures so I could look at them (even if it is just on the computer) when they no longer are outside. Sigh......... Spring and Summer go much too fast for my taste. The one thing I must say I do like about Winter is that I knit more. I read and knit much more and I love that. It's a time to cuddle up on the couch with a warm cup of coffee and knit something I have had yarn for and was wanting to do, but just didn't since we were so busy swimming and playing on the beach. My project at the moment is a new knitted/felted bag. I like it because when I am finished with the knitting there will no need to sew and seams. That is my one thing I don't care to do. I love to just pop it in the wash and see what comes out. So, this Fall and coming Winter, I have some plans to make quite a few new projects. Let's see if I really can get them done!

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Even in the turtle world......

This is Crush and Charlie. Although we don't know what they truly are, (boys or girls) we are convinced that the one on top is Crush (the boy) and the little one he is stepping all over is Charlie (the girl.) Get your mind out of the gutter because I don't mean it that way. I am just saying that this "boy" turtle has a lot of nerve. A couple things we have noticed about our turtles. Crush always gobbles up all the food so Charlie has to really move if she wants to eat. When it comes to sunning themselves, the little girl turtle will go on the rock and immediately, Crush feels the need to step on her to get the sun thus forcing her to be left out of the warmth. He is not a nice boy. The last straw to this saga is that we found that our little Charlie was missing a few toes one day and realized that Crush was nibbling them off. Sadly, we had to separate them. I think Charlie is happier now, but we do find her hiding completely UNDER her rock in the morning. She needs some therapy after being abused for too long. They are the cutest little things though. Easy for me to take care of. Our beloved kitty died last year, so we opted for these guys. We started out with three that we got while on Canal Street in NYC. The area where you can get a "Gucci" or "Marc Jacobs" bag for $20. Yeah right. Well the turtles cost us $15 and the kids love them. One, sadly, passed away while we were on vacation and Grandma and Grandpa had them. Grandma was extremely upset when she lost one while they were on her watch. Figures, right? Sorry about that Mom.

Friday, September 26, 2008

The dumpling gadget.....

Two posts for the same day. Sorry, when it rains it pours. (And yes, it's pouring, so it seems appropriate.) This little gadget came over when Linda did because she has a gadget for EVERYTHING! You know that friend that says, "I have one of those!" when you are in need of something to get a project done? Well, if you don't have a friend like that, I am sorry for you. (I would share Linda, but I am selfish.) Anyway, she brought this little ditty over and showed me how to make dumplings to go along with my Chicken Paprikash. (Hey Lin, if I am spelling that incorrectly, let me know.) The dumplings come out so nice because this thing makes them on the small size. She tells me you can just drop them in by the spoonful, but it went so fast using this thing. O.k., here is the dilemma. She got it from her Mom. Her Mom got it from Hungary. Are you following me here? Anyone reading this have a Hungarian friend coming to visit you soon? And I mean, straight from Hungary since Linda tells me that's really where to get one of these guys. I didn't think so. So, now, I will be on the hunt for this nifty little gadget. I don't make my own dumplings often and I am not a gadget person, for the most part. But, I do make a lot of different soups and now that we are heading towards the colder weather... (No, I refuse to say "winter!") this gadget would be a nice thing to have. Linda had a name for it, but I couldn't pronounce it let alone spell it. Suffice it to say, it's really cool!

On to the next project........

Hi! Here is my finished purse. I thought I took a better picture of it to show the inside since I really love the fabric I found to line it with, but I don't have a shot of it. So, this one will have to do. I did make this pattern once before and it turned out much smaller. A nice purse, but too small for everyday use. This one is modified, since I added CO stitches and used Lamb's Pride (that has mohair mixed in with the wool) as opposed to the Paton's 100% merino wool I used on the other purse. I like the mohair, but it sometimes looks too fuzzy and you need to give the bag a shave every once in a while. My new bag, I am working on is coming out good, except that I ran out of yarn. (Can you hear my heavy sigh from there?) God knows I have a stash the size of Manhattan, but no yarn to go with my project at hand. Soooo, I went on line and yes, I could've ordered it. But, the shipping would have been more than the yarn and I really wasn't in the mood. You know how you really have to be in the mood for a project once you get it going. This one I am on the fence about. (Pictures to follow.......)
Today, on the first rainy day we have had in a long time, I spent my morning with my good friend Linda. She is an awesome cook and many times drops off her yummies to my house. The last time she did that, my kids were literally licking the container she sent to us. It was THAT good. So, I bought all the ingredients and she came over to show me how to make her famous, "lick the bowl," chicken paprikash. She is 100% Hungarian, so let me tell you, this girl knows how to make a mean chicken paprikash. I can't wait for my kids to get off the bus and smell our house. YUMMY! Now if only I can do it when I am on my own without her here! Cross your fingers......

Friday, September 19, 2008

Hi there Karen (since I know you are probably the only one reading this!) Thank you for the information on deleting those slimy comments from one of my posts. I trash canned them! I always love to read people's blogs. All that knitting fun. Your blog is always a great one. Have a nice weekend and hopefully I will get that picture on here of my bag finished. It came out nice. I have a few in the "hopper" I have to finish and I am working on one now.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

It's been a long time..........

Hi there to my friends that read my blog. (Alright, I know of two that read this and I haven't written in months so I am probably writing this for myself alone......) Anyway, one of the reasons I haven't written is that the good weather hit and I was with my children as much as possible. And then the summer came, and I was with my children as much as possible. And the other reason is that I got some slimy comments to my last post and it scared me. I was afraid to open them since I don't want a virus in my computer and then I wondered, who would write such slimy things to a persons knitting blog? Don't they have better things to do than to harass poor, unsuspecting knitters like me? In any event, the bus will be here in a minute and I need to get outside, so this will be a brief posting.
Do you like my "Sebago Bag?" I knit one every year when we go to our place in Maine and then shrink it when I get home. Picture to follow once I upload it to my computer....
I have to also tell you.... I went to "A Stitch in Time" today in Bethel, CT. OMG!!!! (That's what my kids do.) I felt like I had died and gone to heaven, or at least "fiber heaven!" It is a BEAUTIFUL store and has everything you could imagine. I was overwhelmed by it all because I just wanted to stand there and touch all the yarn. It's a bright, cheery store with so many different things to offer. Great yarn (of course!), terrific books and pattern packets, samples knitted all over the store, and the NICEST women working there. I met the owner, Eva, and she was super-duper kind. I felt like I had found a new home! So, it's official that "A Stitch in Time" will be my favorite yarn store.
O.k., got to get the bus now............ See ya!

Friday, February 29, 2008

My plan for the weekend.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Carrie Underwood Concert.....

We went to the Carrie Underwood concert this week and loved it. She is such a great singer and I really enjoyed seeing her in concert. Our chicklets would have liked to have been there, but we didn't have tickets for them, so we are now trying to get Jonas Brother tickets to make it up to them. (Guilt set in when we saw how many kids went to this concert!) Carrie's first and second albums are on our ipods and in the car, so we listen to her all the time. She is, by far, the best American Idol (in our opinion!) But, we do love Kelly as well. She just has a totally different style of music. Fun to rock out to, but we seem to have the "country" vibe going in our house.
I don't know if my guy was thrilled to go to the concert with me, but he smiled through it and seemed to like the music. He really liked Josh Turner, who warmed up for Carrie Underwood, so I should go out and get him that CD. We are not the big "concert going" kind of people, but it was so nice to see Carrie U. since we followed her through the American Idol shows and voted for her all the time. Now we are all hoping for David in this newest season of A.I. Carly is really good too, but there is just something about that David the whole house likes. Who is your favorite??

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My newest knitting endeavor. The snow was flying and I was knitting. I got this bag done, now I need to throw it in the washing machine and start knitting the handle. The strap needs to measure at the very least 100" because the last one I made shrunk ALOT. I used a different type of wool for this one, so I am eager to see how this one will felt. I always line my bags, so hopefully, it will look nice. See the plastic bag I have my yarn in? What a great thing! It's got a hole on both ends so I can use two skeins and it keeps everything neat and clean. I usually knit with two strands held together, so it's definitely a nice little accessory to have. If you want one, they are at Michael's Craft stores and are inexpensive. They have single bags like this one as well. Use a coupon from the Sunday paper's ads and save even more so you don't feel bad adding one more knitting item to your array of things. (That is if you are like me! I have way to much stuff!)

Monday, February 25, 2008


Yahoo, we got a bunch of snow! My kids were getting pretty upset that we got very little snow this winter. So, when this storm came, we got right outside and enjoyed some sledding. Like the snow ramp they made? I also just went out to Kohl's and bought some new snow boots since one of my kids didn't have any and had to wear mine! Can you see the plastic bags she stuffed in her boots to see if they would fit better? Silly kid. They just couldn't wait to get outside. I, myself, was FREEZING and wasn't thrilled to be there, but love to watch them have fun. As I am aging, I craze warm weather. A beach and a martini gives me great joy! So, here is to hoping that Spring is truly not far away and we will be seeing crocus popping their little heads up soon.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

St. Valentine was a SAINT!!

Well, don't these just make you smile? They did that for me. I swear Saint Valentine was truly a Saint to create such a lovely holiday. The flowers are so, so pretty and the chocolates, well they are delicioso. My chicklets flew through their "beautiful heart shape boxes filled with chocolates." (My oldest lovely said that when she was about three on her first valentine's day that she could speak!) Now, it's a tradition for their daddy to give them a "beautiful heart shape box of chocolates" and a bouquet of flowers each. This year, they really struck gold when he threw in a Webkinz for each of them as well. They will always treasure these memories of the very first and most important man in their lives to love them for all that they are, unconditionally.

Winter weather really hit us this weekend. We hunkered down and just relaxed. A game of Mouse Trap, and some serious Wii games were going on while the snow flew and then out we went to snow plow the driveway and sled ride. The kids can stay out all day, but I get cold so fast. I am not made for this kind of weather. Definitely looking forward to the Spring and warmth. For now, hot coffee and a cuddle on the couch with my children keep me warm and happy. What is keeping you warm and happy??

Friday, February 15, 2008

So tired of winter.........

Are you tired of winter too? I need the sunshine and warmth of Spring. I need to see things start to blossom and grow. I need to plant my marigolds, cosmos, cleome and other favorite flowers that give me a sense of good. I need my children to run around the yard and laugh and play. Where is Spring?

I am starting another fingerless glove, but I have not had any time to accomplish them for my valentine's day gifts. I haven't been home most of this week with so much going on. So, needless to say, I haven't been knitting. I figure if I knit these gloves, at my leisure, by Christmas I may have the few I need for my friend's gifts. I also would like to make a purse for my Mom (her birthday is in April), but I haven't had time to sit and work on that either. Kids, house, obligations, they all keep you constantly on the go and I am o.k. with that. I guess I will get most of my knitting done when my children are grown and my house is empty. Then I can focus on baby sweaters and afghans. For now, my occasional knitting projects give me a little joy and some peace. (Did you know that the Harvard Medical Journal did a study and found that people equated that calming, repetitive motion of knitting to yoga?) I believe it, because it works for me.

Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ya-Ya's fingerless mittens

Aren't these cute? I love making fingerless mittens. I started with a pair, years ago, that were knitted flat and then seamed together. That was o.k., but I am one of those people that once I finish knitting something, I really don't want to be bothered sewing seams. I just can barely put my lining in purses, and that is much more work than sewing a seam up a mitten. Anyway, I decided to make a fingerless mitten on dpns, but not with cables. I did the "fetching" mittens - (and I must apologize, but I cannot remember how to link you to this pattern. I need to get a hold of my blogging buddy, Karen, so she can refresh me. She is so smart! ) the "fetching" mitts come out beautiful, but require alot of attention and picking up the cable needle a bunch. I like these "ya-ya" mittens because it's just ribbing for the most part and easy. I blew one out in one afternoon when the weather was lousy and the kids were all in school. I like the added novelty yarn to spruce it up a bit, but if you wanted to knit it with a multi-colored yarn, that would be pretty too. Whatever makes your heart happy, I always say. So, I am on a roll with these mittens. I am trying to make a pair for my Mom, and two friends for Valentine's Day. We will see.... Usually, I grow tired of a knitting project after I do one mitten, let alone SIX! However, I can tell you these do knit up quickly if you have an afternoon to just park it on the sofa and knit and knit.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Finished my bag!.....

Yeah, not only did I finish my bag, but I got a picture in. I don't know what the husband did to help, but it worked. This is my bag after I had sewn the felted handle on and the lining. I am not the best when it comes to sewing, but I like my bags when they have a lining. My friend, Takako, is an excellent seamstress. I know she would do a much better job than I did, but I tried! Have a happy day..........

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

My camera/computer is busted......

Hi there! I have been trying for a few days now to upload pictures to my computer via my memory stick and for some reason, the computer has not been working. I know what I am doing here since I have done this particular thing a million times. So, now I am frustrated to say I cannot update my knitting blog with my photos! I have been knitting up a storm too. I finished my felted bag, lined and all. It came out so nice and I am proud of myself. I am going to start a new one for my Mom for her birthday. I have made her one in the past, but with wooden handles and she NEVER uses it. She says it's because she likes the knitted handles better so she can sling it over her shoulder. We will see.... I only hope she likes this new one. I also have made the cutest fingerless mittens. I made one, and if my memory card was working you could SEE it. The other one has just been started this morning. Let's see my progress on this gloomy day...... I have a TON of laundry to do, but I figure in between the loads I can get some knitting done.
Hopefully on the next post I can figure out my dilemma and post some pics! Have a happy day!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Isn't this purty.........

Hi there! I spent the afternoon today with my friend Karen learning a little more about blogging. Boy, is she SMART! I am such a dinosaur when it comes to computers and understanding how all this HTML stuff works. But, I am happy with the changes in my blog and that I think I am getting it. Karen, you are wonderful. Thank you so much for your help. I am hoping to make it even cuter in the future when I have some "hunker-down" time as we call it in our house. Usually, this is a snow day or a day we spend in our pajamas just laying low. Those days don't come often, so watch my blog stay the same until next winter!
Isn't this felted bag pretty? I want to make it and have the pattern, but I have to admit, I did make a trial one in a different color and wasn't happy with the shape of the purse after felting. I didn't even go on with the fancy stuff on the front since I was disappointed, so it sits in the "ufo" pile. But, I am almost finished with my bag I posted before and will be getting another project started soon. Just don't know what yet.
Thank you again for your help today Karen and keep checking in with my blog to see my progress. I think I am getting there, but you are truly the expert!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here is my bag in the drying mode. I put two boxes of stuff from my pantry in it and it's sitting on my heater. The shape came out pretty nicely. I had to pull a bit and work out some of the kinks, but it seems to be good so far. Once I finish those darn straps, I will be happier. I have to find a decent piece of mid-weight cardboard for the base, but the lining is not too hard to do. My time this week is so limited with all the stuff I have going. Now, I have a project for one of my chicklets as well that is going to take a bit of time. Ah, such is life.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Almost there......

This is my finished bag (pre-felted). It measured 19" high and 16" wide. I wanted it to be roomy, but now I am worried a bit. Whenever I knit a new pattern, I get a little nervous. I spent so much time, last year, on a bag that I thought was going to look so nice and when I felted it over and over again, it just never looked good. I couldn't even salvage it. So, I threw it away and vowed to be careful next time I try a new pattern. However, here I am again crossing my fingers. I usually make bags that I attach wooden handles to. This one is made with knitted handles that go through the "button holes" on the top of the bag. It wraps around the body and looks very nice. Let's hope. I have to make two straps at 90" each. I am already growing tired of this, so I have to do those darn straps now so I don't find this in my "ufo" pile. I have a few of those and I hate it. I grow tired of some projects when I am only half way through and while I am knitting it, I am already thinking of something else I want to start. I read somewhere that other people are like that. I think on the Knitting Daily blog. So, I don't feel so bad. But, I promised myself I would finish this one because I bought some BEAUTIFUL fabric to line it with on the clearance table at the fabric store. I saw it and had to buy it since it was practically free. I'll go knit those darn straps now. Except that the kids are hungry..........

Saturday, January 19, 2008

A new "to-be-felted" bag.....

This is my project of the moment. I have been knitting this for about 5 days on and off. I have to sit for a bit during the day doing a market research project with a company close to home, so there are moments I can sneak a few rows in. I am on row #56, (counting only the body of the bag) not including the bottom. You knit that first, going back and forth, as if you were on straight needles (but you are on circulars). Then, you pick up stitches along the sides and work in the round. I got this pattern from a knitting book at the library (my favorite hangout) and realized I needed some added information from it that I didn't copy, so I am hoping to find that particular book again. The pattern is from a lady by the name of Janet Scanlon and she has a great website that she sells her patterns called http://www.knitkit.com/. I would like to try the Oregon bag next, but I have to see how this comes out first. I have been using two strands, held together, of Lamb's Pride (the wool and mohair mix) even though she said to only use one for the body of the bag. She used two held together for the base for added strength, but said to drop one when you get to the body. I have used only one strand before and it didn't feel as good to me. I like that extra body the two strands give the bag and since I carry EVERYTHING in my purse, the stronger the better. I plan to add a strip of soft purple to the top of this when I get to a certain point with the brown (or when I eventually run out of the brown, which ever comes first.) I miss my LYS since it has sadly gone out of business. Now, another one that is close by is about to close as well. The big chain stores are pushing all of the nice "Mom & Pop shops" out. I don't get that nice "extra special" yarn from the big stores. Frown... Well, I need to make some dinner before my troops start hollering for me. Happy knitting to you or what ever it is that makes your heart happy.

Friday, January 18, 2008

This is relaxing.........

A bag of knitting, a cup of fresh coffee and a boat load of new knitting books to look at. Now this is what I call relaxing! My husband thinks I have two heads, but then again, his idea of relaxing involves guys running after a ball and tackling each other senselessly. (Did you know the NY Giants are in the playoffs???)
Yep, nine books from the library to enjoy and pretend I have time to knit the items that look "do-able" for me. That's what I am talking about! My felted bag in the picture hasn't been lined yet, but I like the size. I haven't had much sewing time either. But, with winter here and a lot of my household chores done, I am hoping for some time. I just spent three hours vacuuming and mopping my floors. That was fun. (Not!) Hope your days are filled with fun though and not the same-ole, same-ole.........

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some more knitting books.........

Someone is peeking.... These books were some I just got from the library and my chicklet was looking at them with me. The library is so nice. If I want a book and they don't own it, they will purchase it for the library and call me when it's in. How cool is that??? I went yesterday to drop off the felting book and picked up about 10 more to look at. I love to be at the library, but don't have the time often. We are big readers in my home, so at least my family likes it too. I could sit there all day.
Takako - I couldn't add the picture into my blog that you sent me. The computer said it was supposed to be a certain type and I think with the additions you made, the blog rejected it. Sorry about that. Happy birthday to you on the other side of the world! Love ya!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Hi! We just took a recent trip to Build-a-Bear and look what we made! Well, you can't exactly see the finished little guy, but I will post a picture of that tomorrow if I can figure out how. It was fun (albeit that we already own about six of these little creatures!) Between birthday parties and the fact that BB equates to a FYS to chicklet #3. Please Mommy, PLEASE can we go and make one. Santa had brought a gift card and with coupons, I got off cheap. Otherwise, a new BB with an outfit and shoes goes for about $40. That woman who created that store was a genius. It's always full of kids or parties. I must admit, I like it too. The only thing is we have enough of these now. (Alright, I am a sucker for a cute pout once in a while. And, she was really good that day!) I'll have to take a picture next of all of these little guys lined up so we can share that collection. I would never take one of my yarn stash because then I would have to explain to my husband why I have THAT much yarn. Sticking to the Build-a-Bear stuff!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good Morning.........

This is my view from my kitchen window. I see the sun rise every morning (or at least on the mornings that are clear.) It's such a pretty sight and I love it because it's part of my morning routine. Make kid's lunches, make a pot of coffee, sit for 14 approximate minutes to enjoy said coffee and then on to the next wave of child care. The only part I miss the most of my morning routine, is my Phoebe kitty sitting on my lap enjoying the morning sunrise and warming me up. She was 14, so I can say she had a happy life. We just miss her terribly here. I get a pang (if that's how you spell it) every so often to get a new kitty, but I look at my new couches and rugs and think again. So, for now, I enjoy my morning coffee alone with the pretty sunrise. (I should say that my handsome husband does join me occasionally for the coffee routine, but not the sunrise part.) He is not an early riser if he doesn't have to go to work. Can you blame him? If I didn't have ninos to get on their way to school, I would be sleeping too.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Got a new knitting "book".......

I am loving my knitting books. I have a pile in my family room and my own little library in my "office." I can't seem to stay out of the book stores or the library. This little "book" is actually a calendar that has a daily pattern for the entire year. I couldn't pass that up at 70% off! Last night I sat and looked through all of the patterns and I pulled out about 10 to try. I wish I could knit socks, but I can't seem to get in the groove to try. I did this little cable sack that is in the picture. My "grammy Em" is going to help me put a zipper in it since I have never done that before. Hopefully, I can do it. She is 92 and has been sewing most of her life. I love that lady! Raining today. Glad it's not snow, but the kids want so badly to sled ride. The Farmer's Almanac said it's going to snow heavily soon, so be ready. It was correct about this weeks freaky warm weather, so I figure I better get some knitting projects lined up.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

My pre-felted hat........

This is my hat, before I stuck it in the washing machine. It was HUGE! The mix of yarn was two strands of worsted weight wool and one strand of mohair. The felting went well, but it's not as shrunk as I think I would like, so I am debating if I should stick it in the wash one more time. I will take a picture of it when it's done. The book has some beautiful flowers to knit and felt and add to the front of it. However, I have the prettiest broach that would look nice on it too. Hmmmm........

Happy 2008!

Look at the cool books my friend sent me from Japan! They are filled with great ideas and very nice demonstrations of the stitching. I am new to crocheting and want to try my hand in it. I loved the purse that this book had so I am hoping it will come out good. My knitting was put to the side for the month of December since the holidays kept me running and busy in the house. I am back to it though and just finished a felted hat from a book my husband and kids gave me for Christmas. Great book! It doesn't look exactly like the one they show, but I like it all the same. Hello to Takako in Japan and thanks for the crocheting/felting books. I LOVE your blog so much. Wish I could read Japanese, but I enjoy seeing all the pictures of the beautiful things you make. Off to get some things accomplished today. See you again .........