Saturday, September 27, 2008

Even in the turtle world......

This is Crush and Charlie. Although we don't know what they truly are, (boys or girls) we are convinced that the one on top is Crush (the boy) and the little one he is stepping all over is Charlie (the girl.) Get your mind out of the gutter because I don't mean it that way. I am just saying that this "boy" turtle has a lot of nerve. A couple things we have noticed about our turtles. Crush always gobbles up all the food so Charlie has to really move if she wants to eat. When it comes to sunning themselves, the little girl turtle will go on the rock and immediately, Crush feels the need to step on her to get the sun thus forcing her to be left out of the warmth. He is not a nice boy. The last straw to this saga is that we found that our little Charlie was missing a few toes one day and realized that Crush was nibbling them off. Sadly, we had to separate them. I think Charlie is happier now, but we do find her hiding completely UNDER her rock in the morning. She needs some therapy after being abused for too long. They are the cutest little things though. Easy for me to take care of. Our beloved kitty died last year, so we opted for these guys. We started out with three that we got while on Canal Street in NYC. The area where you can get a "Gucci" or "Marc Jacobs" bag for $20. Yeah right. Well the turtles cost us $15 and the kids love them. One, sadly, passed away while we were on vacation and Grandma and Grandpa had them. Grandma was extremely upset when she lost one while they were on her watch. Figures, right? Sorry about that Mom.

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