Monday, September 29, 2008

My pretty flower garden. Every year, I take a day to sow seeds into the ground with my children. I have done this since they were very small. I love to watch the delight in them when the seeds pop their heads out of the ground and grow. One year, our sunflowers grew to be at least ten feet tall and the flower heads were gigantic. My children and I marvel at the "little miracles" that God gives us. This year we did a long row of Zinnia with Sunflowers mixed in as well. I cut them all summer long for bouquets in our home and they also are beautiful to look at along the house when we sit outside with our morning coffee. With the coming Winter (which I say with disgust), my flowers are slowly leaving me. I took some pictures so I could look at them (even if it is just on the computer) when they no longer are outside. Sigh......... Spring and Summer go much too fast for my taste. The one thing I must say I do like about Winter is that I knit more. I read and knit much more and I love that. It's a time to cuddle up on the couch with a warm cup of coffee and knit something I have had yarn for and was wanting to do, but just didn't since we were so busy swimming and playing on the beach. My project at the moment is a new knitted/felted bag. I like it because when I am finished with the knitting there will no need to sew and seams. That is my one thing I don't care to do. I love to just pop it in the wash and see what comes out. So, this Fall and coming Winter, I have some plans to make quite a few new projects. Let's see if I really can get them done!

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Karen said...

Ooohh, your flowers are so pretty. I hate winter too - but yes, it's good weather to snuggle on the couch and knit. And to bake - I do miss baking in the summer. Oh well, we'll make it through the winter with these small things to get us through.

I know I owe you an e-mail - I'm hoping to get to it today. We've been re-doing our bathroom, so everything else got neglected. :(