Friday, March 13, 2009

I cut my hair!

This is darn short for me. I have wanted a little update and love all those "short" cuts, but this is as brave as I could get. I love the cut that Reese Witherspoon has or even Katie Holmes, but man, that's short! I have been progressively getting shorter with my haircuts, so eventually I'll probably have a shorter cut. But, for now, this is as brave as I'll be.
As far as my "Finish or Frog Friday," I am about 1" from finishing my second pedicure sock. I wore my pink pedi socks today and the nail salon loved them. A few friends have expressed the desire for a pair, so I know what I need to plan on knitting for Christmas gifts. (It'll take me that long to make enough pairs for everyone....) I figure it will be my beach knitting projects. If it EVER gets warm here.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cold and damp today. Not a spring day yet. My heat is on and I am still freezing! I am sitting next to my "little one" while she is doing her homework. She's been out of school for three days and she is now behind the eight ball with work piling up. So, here we sit on our computers. Hers with a presentation on Power Point, mine with my blog. Nothing exciting to talk about. I can't wait for the warmth to come so I can put away our winter coats. I need Spring, badly!

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Finish Tuesday... (friday I was busy!)

I finally finished weaving in all of the ends of my fingerless mittens. I started these ages ago, it seems, and finally got them done. I usually can whip a pair of these together in one day or two, but it's been so busy. I like the pattern because it's super easy to do and you can be creative and change the colors or use what you may have in your stash since it doesn't take alot of yarn to make them. I also, finally, finished this book,"Knit Two." I read the first one, "The Friday Night Knitter's Club," last year and loved it. This one took me longer to get through since I never seemed to either have the time to read it, or I didn't make the time. I did more cleaning and organizing this winter than ever, instead of taking time to read. I owe the library an overdue fine for it, but it was worth it since I loved the story. Now, to start the second in the Twilight series. The first book was so good, I couldn't put it down. I hear, from my fellow reader friends, that the second one is pretty boring. But, you have to read the second to continue on to the other two which have much better reviews. So, let's see how much I will owe the library for that book.

Sunday, March 01, 2009

Gotta love Valentine's day.......

Our home is predominantly female. Of course, we aren't able to discern the sex of our two turtles, but we just assume they are female! So, when Valentine's day arrives we are oh so happy to see the bevvy of flowers that we get and the yummy chocolates too. Daddy out does himself, we are happy to report. So, the two dozen red roses are mine and the beautiful peach colored ones are for the little ones. We each got a box of Godiva chocolate too! What a guy. Valentine's day is such a nice day.....