Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Pumpkins galore. O.k., this photo was taken a month or more ago, but that's how long it takes me to blog sometimes. I actually have a couple good knitting pictures of my projects, but I can't find the time to upload them right now and since I have these pictures in my computer right now, I figure it will do. This was a fun day of pumpkin picking. We usually go to the farm and have fun looking through the field, but this time we went to Stew's. We pay over $20 for one pumpkin at the farm and ended up getting THREE for $18 at Stews. Alright, I hear you. I should support our local farmers and give them the business, but when you have to buy three for the kids and you have a choice of spending almost $90 or $20, what would you do? I would rather take the difference and head to the LYS. Sorry farmer Joe.

I am now working on a couple different knitting projects. I have a purse still on the sticks that just looms over me. Usually, I bang those out and have no problem finishing them. I love to knit bags and felt them right away. Especially since I knit the ones that have little to no finishing to them since they are knit on circular needles. No seams to sew. My biggest problem is lining. I have a great bag I felted and it is still laying on my desk waiting to have the handles (already felted) sewn on the bag and then my lining. (I have a thing about lining my bags. If I go to the trouble of knitting them, they don't seem finished without a lining.)

The new project now to be finished, are my pedicure socks. I found the pattern at the store and bought the yarn and needles to make them. Size 3 dpn and sock yarn that is so fine, I don't know what I was thinking. I have got far enough that I am wanted to see if I can turn that heel. Luckily, I have a friend who is an expert sock maker and I will be calling her soon for help, if I get stuck. (Any reason to go to the coffee shop and knit for a while, right?) Gotta love your knitting friends. They understand!