Thursday, February 07, 2008

Ya-Ya's fingerless mittens

Aren't these cute? I love making fingerless mittens. I started with a pair, years ago, that were knitted flat and then seamed together. That was o.k., but I am one of those people that once I finish knitting something, I really don't want to be bothered sewing seams. I just can barely put my lining in purses, and that is much more work than sewing a seam up a mitten. Anyway, I decided to make a fingerless mitten on dpns, but not with cables. I did the "fetching" mittens - (and I must apologize, but I cannot remember how to link you to this pattern. I need to get a hold of my blogging buddy, Karen, so she can refresh me. She is so smart! ) the "fetching" mitts come out beautiful, but require alot of attention and picking up the cable needle a bunch. I like these "ya-ya" mittens because it's just ribbing for the most part and easy. I blew one out in one afternoon when the weather was lousy and the kids were all in school. I like the added novelty yarn to spruce it up a bit, but if you wanted to knit it with a multi-colored yarn, that would be pretty too. Whatever makes your heart happy, I always say. So, I am on a roll with these mittens. I am trying to make a pair for my Mom, and two friends for Valentine's Day. We will see.... Usually, I grow tired of a knitting project after I do one mitten, let alone SIX! However, I can tell you these do knit up quickly if you have an afternoon to just park it on the sofa and knit and knit.

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~RaenWa~ said...

Those are great I would love to make some fingerless mittens one day I think they look so cool & would keep my hands warm I only get cold hands not fingers lol great job