Thursday, February 28, 2008

Carrie Underwood Concert.....

We went to the Carrie Underwood concert this week and loved it. She is such a great singer and I really enjoyed seeing her in concert. Our chicklets would have liked to have been there, but we didn't have tickets for them, so we are now trying to get Jonas Brother tickets to make it up to them. (Guilt set in when we saw how many kids went to this concert!) Carrie's first and second albums are on our ipods and in the car, so we listen to her all the time. She is, by far, the best American Idol (in our opinion!) But, we do love Kelly as well. She just has a totally different style of music. Fun to rock out to, but we seem to have the "country" vibe going in our house.
I don't know if my guy was thrilled to go to the concert with me, but he smiled through it and seemed to like the music. He really liked Josh Turner, who warmed up for Carrie Underwood, so I should go out and get him that CD. We are not the big "concert going" kind of people, but it was so nice to see Carrie U. since we followed her through the American Idol shows and voted for her all the time. Now we are all hoping for David in this newest season of A.I. Carly is really good too, but there is just something about that David the whole house likes. Who is your favorite??

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