Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another view of the Booga....

Since I cannot figure out how to put more than one picture per post, here is another post with another view. At least this time it's rotated! I'll put new shots once the bag is felted. Should I put on handles that I make or pre-bought ones???

Pink felted Booga bag

I am back to blogging, but alas cannot find my notes as to how to get pictures uploaded properly. This picture took me FOREVER to upload and it's not rotated the correct way, but you can at least still see it. My pink striped booga bag is complete and it's headed to the washing machine as soon as I finish this post. O.k., after we watch, "So you think you can dance." (Our summertime show we are addicted to.) This bag didn't take me too long and was very easy. You start at the bottom and pick up stitches when the base is complete so you don't have to sew and seams. Just tuck in ends of yarn from the color changing. Before felting, the measurments were 19 1/4" height and 16 1/2" width. I hope it doesn't felt up to nothing, (which has happen to me in the past.) I want this to be a decent size since I am "the keeper of all things" in my home. Cross your fingers for me and I will post another picture when it is done.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Water fight on Father's Day!

This was so much fun! We were celebrating Father's Day at home and the kid's grandparents brought over water pistols. Well, that started a full blown water fight and Daddy became the recipient of the soaking! We all laughed so hard at the silliness and it really made our day fun. Hanging out at home and enjoying our yard and the kids are one of our favorite things to do. My middle chicklet told me that when she needs to find her "happy place" in her mind, it is always home. That tells me something.... Happy children make me a happy mommy!

Monday, July 16, 2007

My wonderful husband....

This is my wonderful husband and I in New York. He treated me to a weekend away from the children for my birthday. It was way back in March, but that's how backlogged I am with blogging! Thought I would share my picture with you. Life has been so busy, but fun and happy. We are enjoying the summer and being together. I plan on being back to blogging in the fall when the chicklets are back to school. Thank you to my friends who still check in once in a while (o.k., I know it's only Karen and Takako, but I appreciate the caring!) Hope you are having a wonderful summer as well and catch you in September when I hope to be back to my blog!

Saturday, February 03, 2007

I miss this.......

Hello to anyone who still may even read this. I have not had a moment to myself to sit and blog anymore. Life got a bit hectic for me. However, I am hoping to jump back in sometime soon and share my knitting and fun with my "blog" buddies. So, hopefully I will be back to blogging soon!