Friday, March 31, 2006

My Blog is so pretty!

I am so happy.... Look at my pretty blog! Now, I feel complete. I am such a geek. O.k., this is what happen. I decide I am going to have a blog of my own. After reading all the great knitting blogs out there, I thought I would like to join the bandwagon. Little did I know it's not that easy. I had to reach out for some help, and help I got. I cannot believe how kind the knitting community is when you ask for some assistance. A wonderful girl, who had a cool blog that I liked, e-mailed me back and started me on my "blog journey." Karen not only fixed all my problems, but went out of her way to help me. Thank you so much, Karen! I love how the blog came out and now I am enjoying adding my little snipets here and there to make it my own.

As far as knitting goes, my sticks have gotten a little cold. I did work on the "flip-flop saga" yesterday while I was sitting at dance class for my chick. I want to get rolling on a black to-be-felted purse, but have had a heck of a week. Thankfully, it is friday and I can start relaxing now. (My chicklet was at a week long sleep away gig for school and I was a nervous wreck, but her sweet little body is sawing zzz's upstairs as I am typing and I am so happy. All my chicklets are back in the nest!)

Now, I am off to try and knit a few rows while my house is quiet. By the way, isn't this weather AWESOME? I walked/jogged 5 miles yesterday and can't wait to do that again today. Thank the Lord the snow and freezing temps are gone! (Now I hope I didn't jinx myself!)

Monday, March 27, 2006

Stitch Marker making day!

My chicklets and I made stitch markers yesterday. They love sitting with me and being creative. "Does this look good, Mom?" We made a few and then I did some packaging. I'll take some pictures of my packets once I get them done. Want to try and sell some. Of course I have to share the profits with the little munchkins that helped. They already want to know how much I plan to give them. By the time I buy the beads and other supplies, the packaging and then put them together, I won't have much for a profit. It will all go to the chicklets! Oh well, that's o.k. It's all for fun anyway. I finished my flip flops that were ordered and now I am working on my own. I want them done so they can have them for spring. Of course they want their toes painted as well. Such girly-girls! I want to say an extra big THANK YOU to my brother-in-law Kenny for all the help he gave me on Saturday. My blog is looking better and better. Another huge THANK YOU goes out to Karen. My newly found knitting/blogging buddy who has been a tremendous help in getting me to understand the blogging world much better. Thank you for all your "tutorials" and kind words! I'm still working on the blog, but I hopefully will have it finished soon.

Friday, March 24, 2006

I finished the little blunder...

I finally finished the little blue blunder. I followed the pattern, but it really is a small purse. It didn't look that way in the picture given, but the prefelted measurements were 10" from the base to where the handles attached. The finished size went to 6.5". It came out cute, but is definitely going to be a purse I use when I only want to carry a wallet. (Come to think of it, my wallet won't fit in it!) Oh well, I could throw a lipstick, my id and some moolah, and away I go. Who's kidding who? When do I go out without my whole brood in tow and not with my purse full of snacks, wipes, tissues, gum and all the other things that my family is always asking me for? It's nice to dream about a night out, right? I am trying to get a little knitting night set up. Thought I could call a few people I know that knit and see if we could meet at a local coffee shop or something and just knit and gab for a while. A few people I asked think it might work, so let's hope a nice little knitting group can be created. I recently found out about something called, "Project Spectrum." I am looking into that and seeing if I can try it. Sounds like fun. Still on the, "can't figure out this darned computer" bandwagon. I have a great fellow knitter/blogger new friend that has been trying to help. I hope to have some sidebar things added soon. I just love reading all those cool knitting blogs and seeing all the neat things they do. Hopefully, my blog will look better soon!

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Stitch markers galore!

It's so late and here I am adding my blog for tomorrow because I will be busy and won't have the time to share my fun project. My chicklets and I sat for two hours and made these really cool stitch markers. I must say that we didn't get a lot of them made in the two hours we sat on the floor and did them, but we were in the learning process. It was so much fun to do with them and they had fun thinking we might be able to sell them. My little entrepreneurs! The glass beads were being used primarily for my little one's earring making endeavors, but I went and got some more and she was willing to share and give me her creative input! We used stretchy string instead of wire. I have seen them done on wire, but did not have any to try my hand at that. So, we figured we would try the 1mm stretchy string and it worked. It's thicker and very strong, so they won't break. I had such a time seeing the little holes in the beads and putting the string through. Mostly because I can't see at night! My chicklets were easily putting the beads on and doing the crimping for me. We had so much fun. Anyone have any how-to's for using the wire? I would love to hear from you. I don't know what gauge to use or if there are straight wire "pieces" that work well. All in all, I am very happy with the results of our efforts. Very pretty to add to my knitting projects! Tres' elegant!

Gifts from Sue

I got some pretty new yarn! Well, I got it last week, but I finally could get the picture uploaded to show. The purple and green yarn is an Adrienne Vitadinni 100% wool yarn that has a pretty texture to it. I have never felted with a textured wool. Does anyone have any input on that? Wondered how that would look when the felting was done. The steel blue colored yarn was also a 100% wool (Plymouth, I believe) and was so inexpensive, I couldn't leave it there. I wanted to try a new purse pattern. (The one that is not really going that great, but I am still pressing on with!) I figure I will either have a really pretty purse or a very small "change purse size" beauty. I plan to wash it as soon as my husband and little one are awake. Don't want to make alot of noise since I have my coffee and the quietness of my house for a few minutes! Have been loving to read all the great blogs out there. I found two this morning with beautiful ideas. A great sock pattern at I believe it is called, "Thuja." Sorry I can't link you directly to the sock. I haven't learned how to do that yet. My brother-in-law is a computer teacher and has offered to help me. I really need to call him! I plan on trying my hand with this sock pattern and hopefully, I will be alright. I am trying to find a class, locally, I can join to get some help with it. My friend, Diane, teaches at All About Art in Monroe and could probably set up a class soon. (Or at least I hope!) Diane, are you listening? O.k., off to knitting while the knitting is good!

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

My circular needle case

I finally got my pictures to post. I did something really ingenious.... I restarted my computer! Duh, I am really in need of a computer class. My chicklet knows more than I do. My circular case came out cute. Not perfect because of the way the felting finished. It was not a perfect rectangle and then I made the lining for the needles and really noticed it. But, all-in-all, I like what it looks like and is giving me a place for all my needles. I am working on a purse now that is definitely not working out well. The pattern was WAY off. I am interested in looking at the finished, felted piece though, so I don't want to pull it apart. Thought it would be a learning experience if I just kept going and saw what happens to it. If it is way too small, one of my little ones will love it anyway. I am starting a knitting class next week with some kids at school. This will be the third session this year and I am so happy to see the results of it. I usually have about ten kids start the class. They range from somewhat knowledgable to not a clue what to do with knitting needles. At the end of the classes, I end up with ten happily knitting little girls that chat and knit and just look absolutely adorable sitting there with their newly found skill. I feel like I have done something they will always look back on and say, "I really loved that knitting class when I was little." Gives me a smile at the end of my day!

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I am frustrated!

I have some pictures of my new yarn as well as my felted circular needle case that I would like to add to my blog. Well, I upload the pictures and when the window pops up to add to the blog, it's empty! I have tried a few times and am now thouroghly frustrated. So, I will have to get those pictures in here somehow, just am still trying to figure it out! On the knitting front, I am busy with a little purse that may end up being the size of a change purse when I finish and felt it. The pattern was a little off with it's needle size and yarn type. It's a cute design, but unfortunately the instructions are seriously lacking. If I can get this blasted blogger to get my pictures posted, I will show the finished piece. In any event, my day has been busy from the minute I got out of bed and is jammed packed today. I had a moment to sit and blog, so I must go now. The moment is over! More tomorrow, hopefully with pictures!

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Another cold Sunday....

Well, another day of cold weather. Unfortunately, you get a couple warm days and feel good about getting out with a light jacket and no socks (yes, I actually wore a slip on shoe without socks on!) and mother nature throws us a curve ball and brings back the snow. It actually snowed last night and is lightly snowing right now. The socks went back on.....

I am working on a new project. I couldn't take the flip-flop saga anymore and at 9:30 last night, I sat in bed and started a new felted purse. I found a GREAT website with beautiful felted bags and other patterns that just made me feel like I had to try one. The site is I am using some of the new yarn I just got from my friend for my birthday. It's a pretty steel blue color and I am going to add a flower to the front of the purse when I am done. Maybe in navy or I'll go crazy and put a bright pink for Spring. I tried to get a photo uploaded today, but the darned thing wouldn't work. Maybe too many people on line today. I'll try tomorrow to show my project. Happy knitting!

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Phoebe, aka, smelly cat........

This is our sweet kitty, Phoebe. We have been calling her "smelly cat" lately because she has a medical problem that has been causing her to, sorry to say Phoebe, STINK! We love her, so no matter how bad she smells, we still cuddle and keep her close by. (Some days are harder than others, though!)

My knitting has been predominately flip-flops (what else is new?) but I would like to branch out soon and do a felted black bag. I just went to Selma's Yarn store in Southbury and had some fun. My dear friend, Sue, gave me a gift certificate for my birthday which was burning a hole in my pocket to spend. I found some great yarn and plan on working with it soon. I just love yarn stores and wish I had one close by. However, I am sure if it was near by, I would spend too much money! Better to be a drive away! I have such a yarn stash at my house that I could knit for a year and still not run out of yarn. Well, off to finish making dinner. Cornbeaf and cabbage tonight in honor of St. Patty's day. Yum, yum!

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Flip-Flop Galore!

Well, I am getting there! I have made quite a few flip flops in the past week and still have about eight more to do. They come out so pretty and they look so adorable on the kid's feet. I make sure to have their toes painted to match and then they are really stylin'.

Life is good. Had an absolutely wonderful day on tuesday. My dear friend and I sat over a glass of wine (or two, but who's counting!) and caught up on alot of stuff we never get to talk about since life is always on the run with our families. We laughed so much, I thought for sure the bartender was going to cut us off. Then, my handsome man took me out to dinner and gave me some BEAUTIFUL earrings. He really is such a good guy. (Not just because he gave me diamonds, he truly is wonderful!) So, my birthday turned out to be a lovely day and wasn't so taxing on my emotions the way I thought it would be. Getting old is just a state of mind.....

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Yuk, it's my birthday....

Well, I have been dreading this day coming, but here it is. Birthdays don't usually bother me, but this one is. I think the 20's seem so far gone, but I feel like I'm still there. Time to grow up, huh? You are only as old as you feel and I feel great! Keeping my attitude up and happy helps. Well, I am not knitting today. All day has been running around doing errands and now I am the taxi for my chicklets. I will be having dinner with my number one guy later, so that will be nice. Birthdays have some plus factors....

Saturday, March 11, 2006

Yeah, it's warm and sunny today!

I can't tell you how happy I am to feel the warmth again outside. I actually wore capri yoga pants and took a 5 mile walk. No mittens, hat or scarf! Let's hope this is an on going trend and I can walk everyday. My blog is hurting right now. I do not have a clue about HTML or all the little things you need to do to add to the sidebar. I want to make categories for my knitting and other interests, plus I want to add links. It's all Greek to me. But, I won't give up. Still trying. Well, I am off to get some more fresh air. Thank you God!

Friday, March 10, 2006

Cute toes, aren't they?

Originally uploaded by ya-yaknits.
Here are my little chicklet's feet modeling one of the many flip flops I am knitting. I have about 20 I am working on for orders and friends that wanted them for Easter. They look so cute on the kids and moms too! I am hoping to get them all done as soon as I am able. Knitting in the car, knitting while I am waiting for the chicklets, knitting while I sit outside watching the kids play. I am knitting CONSTANTLY! I think I am getting a nervous tick from all this flip-flop making.

Blogging Woes

Well, I am perplexed with my blog. I am trying to put some links into my blog as well as "categories" like the site I love, She shows you all kinds of cool things she has knit as well as cooking and other interests in categories that you can click on. I cannot figure this out! My chicklet and I have sat here looking through all the help buttons and have yet to get it done. Anyone reading this that knows what I am talking about or could help me in any way, please e-mail me! I have so many things I would love to add to my site and share. It's fun to read others knitting experiences (since I don't have any friends that are really into knitting like I am!). So, I appreciate any help. If you are out there, and know what to do on, I all ears.

Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spring, where fore art thou?

Well, I officially am sick of wearing socks 24/7. I miss my toes. A nice, relaxing pedicure is due for me and a new pair of pretty sandals. These are for my "dance mom" friend that ordered a pair for her daughter instead of giving too much candy for Easter. I have to run out today and buy 8 more pair since I have been getting a bunch of phone calls to knit some more. (Of course my own chicklets want them too and have their orders in for color preference!) I will surely be sick of them by the time I get them all knit and sewn together! I want to get that Opera Scarf started since I have two balls of a beautiful angora yarn that I have been saving for something special. I also want to get a black felted bag started since I have been carrying around a pink one that I have grown tired of. I am nuts, aren't I? I have sooooo much to do and feel the need to add more to the pile. Oh well, this all keeps me sane. Have a happy Wednesday!

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Here's another picture of my knitted, felted purses. I get alot of my handles at Michael's Craft Store and Jo-Anns Fabrics. I am told there is a wonderful store in Manhattan, called M&J Trims (?). Not sure if that is the correct name, but close, I hope. I am planning to jump on the train soon and visit NYC for a day of yarn store hopping. My husband is not quite into going to NYC to look at yarn stores, so I will be going with friends that find that as fun as I do!

Have a great day and try and fit some knitting in!

Hello! I finally got the whole "attach-the-camera-to-the-computer-and-download-the-picture-thing." It's not as easy as my friends say it is, but I am slowly getting it. My daughter is better at this stuff than I am, but alas, she is at school. Anyway, this picture is a little sample of what I am working on these days. I started knitting scarves and then got a bit bored. Although, I was on a great website the other day and found a terrific pattern for an "Opera Scarf" that is now on my list of "I need to knit that!" If you want to see it go to She's got a great blog site and is very informative about knitting.

As you can see with my purses pictured, the "felting bug" bit me and my washer has never been the same since. I knit purses in every pattern I can get my hands on and felt away! I always line them, unless they are the small evening bag type. Lining really gives it a finished look. I even use the small magnetic closures to keep the top closed. I sold some at our church's Christmas fair recently, but haven't branched out to boutiques in the area. I have seen alot of the same type of purses out there selling for more than I charged and they weren't even lined. Truly, I am not in the business of selling my wares, but when people call me, I am happy to make a buck or two. Guess where I head with the money burning a whole in my felted bag? Yep, the yarn store. I am addicted to all those yummy fibers! I just love to knit and knit and knit.

My next project, that seems to be peeking my friend's interests, are knitted flip flops. I'll post a picture once I get a pair done. I went to dance class and, of course, was knitting while I waited for my ballerinas to finish twirling. My "dance Mom friends" all liked the flip flops and ordered some for their girls for Easter. Better than giving the kids candy!