Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My newest knitting endeavor. The snow was flying and I was knitting. I got this bag done, now I need to throw it in the washing machine and start knitting the handle. The strap needs to measure at the very least 100" because the last one I made shrunk ALOT. I used a different type of wool for this one, so I am eager to see how this one will felt. I always line my bags, so hopefully, it will look nice. See the plastic bag I have my yarn in? What a great thing! It's got a hole on both ends so I can use two skeins and it keeps everything neat and clean. I usually knit with two strands held together, so it's definitely a nice little accessory to have. If you want one, they are at Michael's Craft stores and are inexpensive. They have single bags like this one as well. Use a coupon from the Sunday paper's ads and save even more so you don't feel bad adding one more knitting item to your array of things. (That is if you are like me! I have way to much stuff!)

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