Thursday, January 17, 2008

Some more knitting books.........

Someone is peeking.... These books were some I just got from the library and my chicklet was looking at them with me. The library is so nice. If I want a book and they don't own it, they will purchase it for the library and call me when it's in. How cool is that??? I went yesterday to drop off the felting book and picked up about 10 more to look at. I love to be at the library, but don't have the time often. We are big readers in my home, so at least my family likes it too. I could sit there all day.
Takako - I couldn't add the picture into my blog that you sent me. The computer said it was supposed to be a certain type and I think with the additions you made, the blog rejected it. Sorry about that. Happy birthday to you on the other side of the world! Love ya!

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