Thursday, January 24, 2008

Isn't this purty.........

Hi there! I spent the afternoon today with my friend Karen learning a little more about blogging. Boy, is she SMART! I am such a dinosaur when it comes to computers and understanding how all this HTML stuff works. But, I am happy with the changes in my blog and that I think I am getting it. Karen, you are wonderful. Thank you so much for your help. I am hoping to make it even cuter in the future when I have some "hunker-down" time as we call it in our house. Usually, this is a snow day or a day we spend in our pajamas just laying low. Those days don't come often, so watch my blog stay the same until next winter!
Isn't this felted bag pretty? I want to make it and have the pattern, but I have to admit, I did make a trial one in a different color and wasn't happy with the shape of the purse after felting. I didn't even go on with the fancy stuff on the front since I was disappointed, so it sits in the "ufo" pile. But, I am almost finished with my bag I posted before and will be getting another project started soon. Just don't know what yet.
Thank you again for your help today Karen and keep checking in with my blog to see my progress. I think I am getting there, but you are truly the expert!

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Karen said...

Aaww, you are too kind. It was nothing, really. I'm glad to help, and I see you've been adding some things too. You're doing great!!