Saturday, February 23, 2008

St. Valentine was a SAINT!!

Well, don't these just make you smile? They did that for me. I swear Saint Valentine was truly a Saint to create such a lovely holiday. The flowers are so, so pretty and the chocolates, well they are delicioso. My chicklets flew through their "beautiful heart shape boxes filled with chocolates." (My oldest lovely said that when she was about three on her first valentine's day that she could speak!) Now, it's a tradition for their daddy to give them a "beautiful heart shape box of chocolates" and a bouquet of flowers each. This year, they really struck gold when he threw in a Webkinz for each of them as well. They will always treasure these memories of the very first and most important man in their lives to love them for all that they are, unconditionally.

Winter weather really hit us this weekend. We hunkered down and just relaxed. A game of Mouse Trap, and some serious Wii games were going on while the snow flew and then out we went to snow plow the driveway and sled ride. The kids can stay out all day, but I get cold so fast. I am not made for this kind of weather. Definitely looking forward to the Spring and warmth. For now, hot coffee and a cuddle on the couch with my children keep me warm and happy. What is keeping you warm and happy??

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