Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Good Morning.........

This is my view from my kitchen window. I see the sun rise every morning (or at least on the mornings that are clear.) It's such a pretty sight and I love it because it's part of my morning routine. Make kid's lunches, make a pot of coffee, sit for 14 approximate minutes to enjoy said coffee and then on to the next wave of child care. The only part I miss the most of my morning routine, is my Phoebe kitty sitting on my lap enjoying the morning sunrise and warming me up. She was 14, so I can say she had a happy life. We just miss her terribly here. I get a pang (if that's how you spell it) every so often to get a new kitty, but I look at my new couches and rugs and think again. So, for now, I enjoy my morning coffee alone with the pretty sunrise. (I should say that my handsome husband does join me occasionally for the coffee routine, but not the sunrise part.) He is not an early riser if he doesn't have to go to work. Can you blame him? If I didn't have ninos to get on their way to school, I would be sleeping too.

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