Thursday, April 27, 2006

G.N.O.- Girl's Night Out

Girl's night out! How nice it was to spend time with my friends. I celebrated my birthday and had a wonderful time with good friends, good food and lots of gabbing. It was nice to sit and eat my dinner without having a little one say, right when the food arrives at the table, "I have to go to the bathroom!" I also liked not having to cut anyone's meat or make sure that the drinks didn't get spilt all over the table. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE my children, but it's very (I should stress VERY) rare that I ever go out with my friends. This was a treat, for sure! Alas, none of my friends are knitters though. Not any talk of what yarn is yummy at your house, or what are on your sticks at the moment. We had fun talking about other stuff though! Thank God for my friends!

As far as my knitting goes. I think I got a bit frustrated with my last project and have put my knitting on hold. I felted the mitered bag and it just doesn't look the way I would like. I haven't had two minutes to rub together to sew the lining, so it's on the "waiting to be done" pile. I am tackling the bins of summer clothes, STILL! Gosh, these kids have toooo much.

Well, I must get going to the pile upstairs in chicklet #2's room. I have to get this done before the summer days arrive and I am outside 24/7. Can't be in at all or I go crazy! Winter is long enough. Someday I will end up in warmer climates when the snow flies in New England. I will never be a Florida girl though. Not sure where I will be, but somewhere warm. Thank you Melinda, Eleni, Debbie and Bunny for a great birthday dinner and making me feel so special. I love you all and am so blessed to have you as my friends.


Karen said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time . . . and yes, I did scour the pics to see if I could recognize the resturant. Couldn't figure it out though - LOL. Good luck with your sorting and purging. I have to get going on that soon, because we're having a neighborhood tag sale next month and EVERYTHING is gonna be sold!!

Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!

LOL - I was eyeballing the restaurant, too. I had dinner out with the girls on Wednesday, and it's like a mini-vacation. A couple of my friends knit, but not at dinner. They don't mind when I do - otherwise the wine and bread disappear too quickly!

Thanks for the comment on my blog - I'm thrilled that you enjoy it. I stole the term "muggles" from the Yarn Harlot, so can't claim credit. It's the perfect term for the non-knitters of the world.