Monday, May 01, 2006

My crazy life...........

Well, it's May! Cannot believe how fast the months slip by. I am not complaining though since I love, love, love the warm weather and am thrilled to be outside and having fun again. We are not winter people in this house.

My weekend was NUTS to say the least. I had three soccer games to get my children to, a birthday party and a dance rehearsal. Then, after that was all done (all in one day, I might add) I slept in my car from midnight on so I could buy recital tickets for my chicklets. Yes, I actually left my warm, cozy bed to attempt to sleep in my car overnight. O.k., call me a nut for doing that, but I have been sleeping in the car for many years now since the recital tickets are highly coveted at our dance school. I would also like to say that not only was I #15 when I arrived at 12 midnight, but by 3am the line was wrapped around the building. I wouldn't do this for Rolling Stones tickets, but I would do anything for my kids. I have completely lost my mind, I know.

The other saga of my weekend, was Mickey. No, not the one in Disney, but the cute, little grey mouse that scurried across my family room floor on Thursday (my first sighting of him) while I was peacefully knitting between school bus pick-ups. Mickey was in my house, uninvited, for three days until on Sunday, he showed up again. That, with the fact that I was running on about 1 hour sleep (did I mention that I TRIED to sleep in my car the night before?) caused me to freak out. My husband and girls were lucky and caught Mickey for me. He is now WAY back in the woods of our yard and hopefully realizes that is where he should stay or else his fate won't be as kind as this stay in our home. Needless to say, I am pulling apart my entire pantry to clean to make sure he didn't get into anything. And then, I have the other "craft closet" to put back together since my mouse police pulled it all out when Mickey scurried under that door. I will have a clean kitchen when I am done, but wasn't planning the massive spring cleaning after my stint in the car. Oh well, such is life. No knitting for me today, I am afraid!

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Karen said...

Aaaaa, sorry to hear about your uninvited house-guest. That would just make me freak out!!!! But you are right, at least it's a good motivator to give your kitchen a good cleaning and sorting.