Thursday, April 13, 2006

My baby brother

We all had an early Easter celebration this past Sunday and I got this nice picture of my brother and I. I can't believe how life has flown by so fast and he and I now have our own families. We used to play catch in the yard, late night card games with flashlights so Mom wouldn't know we were up, and so many fun family trips to Vermont and Cape Cod. Seems like a lifetime ago! (He calls me a sap, can you tell why?) Anyway, we all had such a nice day and it was wonderful to be together. I have to be the auntie who teaches his little one to knit now! I should let her learn to walk first, though! My own know how to knit and are working on there own projects. Whenever I go to the yarn stores, I have to go alone or else I get alot more than I had planned to buy. "Oh Mom, isn't this yarn pretty? Can I get this one?" I've created little knitting monsters! That's fine with me though. I'd rather they be creative and enjoy a fun hobby than into something that wouldn't be good for them. So, we all plan to bring a knitting bag along when we go on vacation. (My husband can't believe I am bringing my knitting with me to Disney!) Look out for some pictures of me with a project in hand in front of some Disney landmark or even Mickey. He will really think I am nuts then!


JessaLu said...

He'll get used to you whipping out the camera at odd moments ;o)

Mine doesn't even flinch anymore when I ask him to photograph me in my latest creation ;o)

Karen said...

Great picture of you and the "little" brother!! I agree, it's great that your little ones have Fiber Fever too. I hope your projects have fun at Disney!! LOL