Sunday, April 02, 2006

Yahoo, it's a beautiful day!

Yahoo, it's a beautiful day! I opened my windows and plan on putting my jogging shoes on.... The dishes and laundry can wait until tomorrow. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my new knitting magazine. "Interweave" or something like that. I saw a cool felted purse in it through another blog (for which I cannot find now and I am bummed!) and I want to make it. I have been toying with a black and blue mix, hence the knitting kitty --->, but I think I might add a few colors. The purse is shown to use "intarsia." I have never tried my hand at that and it said it is for beginners and easy. Well, I guess I will see about that! I'll take some pictures as I progress and share them. I really should try and finish my "on-the-sticks" projects first, but I just can't bring myself to. I have a beautiful lace edging I started that, when done, you sew to a pillow case. But it's one of those things that no one can talk to you while you are knitting it since it is so easy to mess up and you can't pull it out and fix it. Believe me, I tried and I ended up starting again. I think that's why I don't want to pick up those sticks. The only thing is, I wanted to make them for my Mom's birthday gift and I started it LAST winter. This will be two birthdays that have come and gone because I haven't finished the darn thing. Let alone the fact that I need to make TWO! Sorry Mommy, I will eventually get to finishing that. It's hard when you have a little one asking for everything under the sun as soon as I pick up my knitting needles. Well, off to enjoy the day. Happy knitting to all and make it a GREAT day!

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