Thursday, March 09, 2006

Spring, where fore art thou?

Well, I officially am sick of wearing socks 24/7. I miss my toes. A nice, relaxing pedicure is due for me and a new pair of pretty sandals. These are for my "dance mom" friend that ordered a pair for her daughter instead of giving too much candy for Easter. I have to run out today and buy 8 more pair since I have been getting a bunch of phone calls to knit some more. (Of course my own chicklets want them too and have their orders in for color preference!) I will surely be sick of them by the time I get them all knit and sewn together! I want to get that Opera Scarf started since I have two balls of a beautiful angora yarn that I have been saving for something special. I also want to get a black felted bag started since I have been carrying around a pink one that I have grown tired of. I am nuts, aren't I? I have sooooo much to do and feel the need to add more to the pile. Oh well, this all keeps me sane. Have a happy Wednesday!

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