Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Hello! I finally got the whole "attach-the-camera-to-the-computer-and-download-the-picture-thing." It's not as easy as my friends say it is, but I am slowly getting it. My daughter is better at this stuff than I am, but alas, she is at school. Anyway, this picture is a little sample of what I am working on these days. I started knitting scarves and then got a bit bored. Although, I was on a great website the other day and found a terrific pattern for an "Opera Scarf" that is now on my list of "I need to knit that!" If you want to see it go to She's got a great blog site and is very informative about knitting.

As you can see with my purses pictured, the "felting bug" bit me and my washer has never been the same since. I knit purses in every pattern I can get my hands on and felt away! I always line them, unless they are the small evening bag type. Lining really gives it a finished look. I even use the small magnetic closures to keep the top closed. I sold some at our church's Christmas fair recently, but haven't branched out to boutiques in the area. I have seen alot of the same type of purses out there selling for more than I charged and they weren't even lined. Truly, I am not in the business of selling my wares, but when people call me, I am happy to make a buck or two. Guess where I head with the money burning a whole in my felted bag? Yep, the yarn store. I am addicted to all those yummy fibers! I just love to knit and knit and knit.

My next project, that seems to be peeking my friend's interests, are knitted flip flops. I'll post a picture once I get a pair done. I went to dance class and, of course, was knitting while I waited for my ballerinas to finish twirling. My "dance Mom friends" all liked the flip flops and ordered some for their girls for Easter. Better than giving the kids candy!

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