Tuesday, March 21, 2006

I am frustrated!

I have some pictures of my new yarn as well as my felted circular needle case that I would like to add to my blog. Well, I upload the pictures and when the window pops up to add to the blog, it's empty! I have tried a few times and am now thouroghly frustrated. So, I will have to get those pictures in here somehow, just am still trying to figure it out! On the knitting front, I am busy with a little purse that may end up being the size of a change purse when I finish and felt it. The pattern was a little off with it's needle size and yarn type. It's a cute design, but unfortunately the instructions are seriously lacking. If I can get this blasted blogger to get my pictures posted, I will show the finished piece. In any event, my day has been busy from the minute I got out of bed and is jammed packed today. I had a moment to sit and blog, so I must go now. The moment is over! More tomorrow, hopefully with pictures!

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Rey Maniago said...


You don't know me but I happen to encounter the same problems when uploading pictures. I even had several blogs with a lot pictures that just disappeared one day and I had to start reuploading them. You just have to be patient and keep on doing it until blogger cooperates!