Thursday, March 16, 2006

Flip-Flop Galore!

Well, I am getting there! I have made quite a few flip flops in the past week and still have about eight more to do. They come out so pretty and they look so adorable on the kid's feet. I make sure to have their toes painted to match and then they are really stylin'.

Life is good. Had an absolutely wonderful day on tuesday. My dear friend and I sat over a glass of wine (or two, but who's counting!) and caught up on alot of stuff we never get to talk about since life is always on the run with our families. We laughed so much, I thought for sure the bartender was going to cut us off. Then, my handsome man took me out to dinner and gave me some BEAUTIFUL earrings. He really is such a good guy. (Not just because he gave me diamonds, he truly is wonderful!) So, my birthday turned out to be a lovely day and wasn't so taxing on my emotions the way I thought it would be. Getting old is just a state of mind.....

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