Friday, March 10, 2006

Blogging Woes

Well, I am perplexed with my blog. I am trying to put some links into my blog as well as "categories" like the site I love, She shows you all kinds of cool things she has knit as well as cooking and other interests in categories that you can click on. I cannot figure this out! My chicklet and I have sat here looking through all the help buttons and have yet to get it done. Anyone reading this that knows what I am talking about or could help me in any way, please e-mail me! I have so many things I would love to add to my site and share. It's fun to read others knitting experiences (since I don't have any friends that are really into knitting like I am!). So, I appreciate any help. If you are out there, and know what to do on, I all ears.

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