Thursday, March 23, 2006

Gifts from Sue

I got some pretty new yarn! Well, I got it last week, but I finally could get the picture uploaded to show. The purple and green yarn is an Adrienne Vitadinni 100% wool yarn that has a pretty texture to it. I have never felted with a textured wool. Does anyone have any input on that? Wondered how that would look when the felting was done. The steel blue colored yarn was also a 100% wool (Plymouth, I believe) and was so inexpensive, I couldn't leave it there. I wanted to try a new purse pattern. (The one that is not really going that great, but I am still pressing on with!) I figure I will either have a really pretty purse or a very small "change purse size" beauty. I plan to wash it as soon as my husband and little one are awake. Don't want to make alot of noise since I have my coffee and the quietness of my house for a few minutes! Have been loving to read all the great blogs out there. I found two this morning with beautiful ideas. A great sock pattern at I believe it is called, "Thuja." Sorry I can't link you directly to the sock. I haven't learned how to do that yet. My brother-in-law is a computer teacher and has offered to help me. I really need to call him! I plan on trying my hand with this sock pattern and hopefully, I will be alright. I am trying to find a class, locally, I can join to get some help with it. My friend, Diane, teaches at All About Art in Monroe and could probably set up a class soon. (Or at least I hope!) Diane, are you listening? O.k., off to knitting while the knitting is good!

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