Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow day........

It's another snow day, much to the delight of my children. O.k., me too. Not only do I get to have a nice, quiet day to be with my kids, but I can get a couple of rows in and try and finish my newest knitting project. This is one of my many WIPs. It's the "double seed stitch pillow" from the Winter '08/'09 issue of "KnitSimple." I am knitting it with the Lion Brand Wool Ease Chunky I had in the house because I promised myself I would use the TONS of yarn I have in my stash rather than go out and buy more. I wanted to buy some wool/alpaca yarn and thought that since this pillow is going to be placed on our family room chair, and most likely will be tossed around a bit by kids that don't appreciate the many hours of knitting involved in making it, I was better off using my inexpensive yarn than the mucho dolares I would dish out for the alpaca. However, I am really wanting to try one of Twinkles designs that are absolutely scrumptious looking in her books (I borrowed two from the library and have been drooling over them since then.) She has great ideas and approachable since I am far from a sweater knitter. I have one sweater I tried and I am not happy with it. It sits in my UFO basket since I still need to weave in the ends and I am contemplating adding more to the bottom edge of it since it is way too short for me and I don't want it to look like I am trying to be a teenager and show off my tummy. You really don't want to see that!

This is the scene of my backyard today. So pretty and serene. I love to see the snow coming down, but when will it be Spring? It's almost February, so it can't be far off. I just am so done with the snow and would love to see my grass again. I love the fact that you can stay inside and read or knit and feel cozy. That is wonderful. But, it seems to drag on way too long. Someday, I want to live in a warmer climate during the winter months so I can feel my fingers and toes during the months of November through March. One or two pretty snowstorms are plenty for me.
Have a happy day, whatever you are choosing to do with your "cozy day." Or, if you are in a warmer climate and are outside, think of me and send some sunshine my way.

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Karen said...

Oh yes, I am SO done with the snow too. I had just gotten the sidewalk and driveway shoveled yesterday when Mr. PlowMan came by and splashed slush all over!! It doesn't even look like I shoveled. :(