Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Felted bag #101

I finally finished my bag that I was working on. I got inspired since I read my friend Karen's blog to "frog or finish." This concept actually came from major knitter's blog. I would link you to her, but still have no clue how to do that. She is on typepad as "major knitter" so if that helps, check out her cool idea on getting your wips done. This bag was a good project in that there is no seeming to be done. Once you are finished knitting it, just stick it in the washer to felt and you are done. However, I like to line my bags, so I will be doing that soon. But, today is a "clean the house" day. I have to do the dreaded chore of putting away all of my Christmas stuff. That is such a pain. It takes two to three days to decorate the house and more to put it away since I have to clean alot after it's all done. And, what am I doing now?....... Blogging instead. Anything to avoid it. So, have a good day and hopefully I will hear from you. Karen, I am thinking of trying socks on two circulars. I have a book on it from the library and wanted to know your opinion on that technique.

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Karen said...

Hurray for Finish or Frog It!! Love your bag. :) Socks on Two Circs . . . I can do it. I don't like it. I think I'm just a DPN girl at heart. But I absolutely think you should try it. Everyone is different and you may love it. Did you finish those Pedicure Socks? Are you going to post them?