Monday, January 19, 2009

Better late than never....

Here is our Christmas tree. Yeah, it's almost February. However, my life in the month of December is so chaotic that I am lucky to even take the time to snap a photo of the tree let alone blog the picture. Therefore, I am sharing my tree picture because I feel the need. I love the picture and I wanted you to see my pretty tree. At least I didn't wait until August to finally show you. The way I blog - a few spurts of postings and then nothing for months - I need to get in as much as I can. Thank you to my friends that tune in and keep the faith.
Our Christmas was nice. The kids get a haul (as you can see.) I feel that sometimes we give way more than they need, but my children ask for so little during the year that we feel like giving them so much for Christmas. You are only little once, right? The BIG gifts were from Santa to our smallest chicklet. She absolutely went bananas at the size of the boxes and was thrilled to see a Hannah Montana beach house when she opened it. That Hannah has a nicer house than most, I'll tell you! It's so fun being a little girl with all these cool toys. I had two Barbies and a Skipper doll. Remember her? Barbie's little sister. No Ken doll though. But, I did play with my friend's G.I. Joe doll when she came over. All brothers in her house.
I hope everyone had a nice holiday this year and the new year is bringing you lots of joy and happy days. Stay warm and look on the bright side of every day. Spring is not too far away, right!

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