Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Mom and My girl day.....

Hi! Isn't this beautiful? My baby girl and I had a field trip before Christmas to the Metropolitan Museum in NYC. This is one of the most interesting walls I saw, although I loved the entire museum. I am drawn to alot of color and my chicklet loved all the different patterns. You cannot take flash pictures there, so I took this and got yelled at. The man told me I could keep the picture I took, but not to take anymore with the flash on. So, I took alot more pictures, sans light, but kept this one to show and print for my little one's room. The museum is full of the most interest and beautiful things. There was an exhibit at one time concerning fiber art, but I didn't get a chance to see it. I would love to go again sometime and walk around uptown. There is a yarn store right near the museum "Annie & Co.," if I am not mistaken, that I saw on our way out. My attena went up when we were passing it, of course. I swear, the yarn is calling me.

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