Thursday, August 27, 2009

Puppy poopy bag holder

O.k., you may be wondering why I am knitting such a silly thing. Well, I will tell you. When I see people walking their dogs and they don't pick up the poop, I get upset. I vowed I would never be that person. The other thing that has always bugged me is that you can buy plastic bags at the pet store for picking up your dog's poopy. With all of the plastic bags that are filling our dumps and going out to sea, why would you want to buy bags? Therefore, I thought, why not knit a little bag holder that I could attach to my puppy's leash or my belt loop and then fill it with the little plastic bags that come with our daily newspaper? Recycle/Reuse, right? And, I got to knit something cute as well. Another part to this "poopy bag story" that was funny..... I googled for a pattern to see if any other people were out there doing the same thing and if I could knit something with a pattern rather than make my own. I found only two and both patterns were not what I wanted. I ended up making my own pattern up. (I don't know how to attach that, so if you are interested in it, put a comment on this post and I will get it to you.) However, I did find a lady who knits her version of these bags but puts the poopy directly in the knitted bag! NOOOO! You should read her friend's comments to that. YUK! So, please knit your poopy bag, felt it, and fill it with bags that you already have in your house. Pick up your puppy's poopy and be a good neighbor (don't let your puppy poop in other people's yards!)

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Lara Nieberding, The Data Digger said...

OMG!!! I LOVE this! You are so clever. I have four dogs and I don't have a fenced yard. When I walk my dogs, I grab a plastic bag from my stash of bags from groceries, etc. It never occurred to me to put a stash of bags in a knit bag holder. Thanks for sharing!