Friday, March 13, 2009

I cut my hair!

This is darn short for me. I have wanted a little update and love all those "short" cuts, but this is as brave as I could get. I love the cut that Reese Witherspoon has or even Katie Holmes, but man, that's short! I have been progressively getting shorter with my haircuts, so eventually I'll probably have a shorter cut. But, for now, this is as brave as I'll be.
As far as my "Finish or Frog Friday," I am about 1" from finishing my second pedicure sock. I wore my pink pedi socks today and the nail salon loved them. A few friends have expressed the desire for a pair, so I know what I need to plan on knitting for Christmas gifts. (It'll take me that long to make enough pairs for everyone....) I figure it will be my beach knitting projects. If it EVER gets warm here.

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Karen said...

That is quite short compared to how I remember your hair last time I saw you. I love that length though - I'm trying to grow mine out to that long. :)

Oh, and if I'm not mistaken . . . HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!