Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Pink felted Booga bag

I am back to blogging, but alas cannot find my notes as to how to get pictures uploaded properly. This picture took me FOREVER to upload and it's not rotated the correct way, but you can at least still see it. My pink striped booga bag is complete and it's headed to the washing machine as soon as I finish this post. O.k., after we watch, "So you think you can dance." (Our summertime show we are addicted to.) This bag didn't take me too long and was very easy. You start at the bottom and pick up stitches when the base is complete so you don't have to sew and seams. Just tuck in ends of yarn from the color changing. Before felting, the measurments were 19 1/4" height and 16 1/2" width. I hope it doesn't felt up to nothing, (which has happen to me in the past.) I want this to be a decent size since I am "the keeper of all things" in my home. Cross your fingers for me and I will post another picture when it is done.

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angelina said...

hi there! i found you when searching booga bag, my newest project is attempting to felt. i laughed when i saw " is anyone reading this?" i feel the same about my blog! i am a knitter and mother of two, i'll follow you , will you follow me:? then we'll have at least one!