Friday, July 14, 2006

I am knitting.... finally!!

Yeah, I finally am back to a project. I got my "Knit Simple" magazine in the mail last week and did what I always do when I get that... Make a fresh pot of coffee and hide somewhere in my house for some quiet time to read every page of the magazine - even the advertisements! I just love those magazines. Seems like yesterday I was reading "Seventeen" magazine and now look at me! So, here I am, hiding, reading my knitting articles and I see it. A project I want to make and feel the need to start immediately. Well, with three kids, immediately turned out to be six days later, but I was still as excited about it. I have two, very adorable, twins in my family. A little guy named Chace and a little beauty named Madeline. I started to make the "giraffe" scarf pattern for them and will make the matching hat and gloves as well. It's so cute and I felt easy enough to do at the beach or pool so I can watch the kids swim, but still get some knitting in as well. I missed having a little WIP (that means Work In Progress for you non-knitters. I don't want you to think I am a wierdo or something!) and now, I feel, I have a purpose again in my knitting world. I'll take a picture as soon as my camera is working. The darn thing is on the blink. Ta, ta for now ...........

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